06 January 2010


Snow on moss
January 2010

It's snowing again. Apparently we are just beginning to receive what has been hammering the UK. This weekend were are to expect a good blanketing.

On my walk to pick up our son from school, I noticed how beautiful the snowflakes are. This storm is very dry, so the flakes are perfectly formed. I was catching them on my gloves, examining their intricate designs. They looked as if they'd been cut with a punch. No matter the size, they were exquisite. True works of art.

And yes, more than once I had to make emergency maneuvers to avoid running into people because I was too busy staring at my hands.

Note: After telling my mom this story, she said I needed to get a picture of these snowflakes. I am kicking myself for not having my camera with me. With any luck, I'll have a chance this weekend to capture some.


  1. Ahem, I'm still waiting for some snowflake pics!

  2. We had a good dry snow like this on Thursday night. I was also admiring the snowflakes. :)

  3. And I have failed, Snooker! I will try again when the pretty flakes return :)

    Kcinnova - dry snow is my favorite :)


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