31 July 2009

One sweet ride

I couldn't rightfully post pictures of the Mercedes Benz Museum without also posting a photo of a car. So here it is...


Yes, the original Pope Mobile resides at the museum. Built in 1980 to shield Pope John Paul II from the elements on a tour of Germany, it had a top speed of 81mph. The following year it was modified with bulletproof glazing after an attempt was made on the Pope's life.

Can you only imagine cruising the autobahn in that thing?

Side note: The Pope Mobile is part of a celebrity exhibit. See the small red coupe next to the papal car? That was Princess Diana's car.

28 July 2009

Where function and style meet

Forget their cars and contributions to human mobility...check out Mercedes Benz' museum. The design floored me. It wasn't just an homage to their products, it was a thing of beauty and spoke volumes to their pioneering image. Well worth a visit, even if you are not a gear-head.

20 July 2009

Musical interlude

Summer quartet captivating the crowd with Mozart
Stuttgart, July 2009

We happened upon this quartet on a trip into the city for a minor repair to Betsy (my camera...but then again I call my car Betsy as well...perhaps I should come up with another name). Dust on the sensor leads to photos with spots. A good cleaning and the purchase of a sensor cleaning kit...all is well.

15 July 2009

Flying fish

Well, not really flying...rather 'sliding' fish.

The Hamburg Fish Market has arrived in Stuttgart again and with it the backfisch (fried fish) lighthouse.

Drawing a crowd around the over-the-top concession stand is the cook, from his perch on the second level, with his market cry. As another batch of fish comes out of the fryer, he yells for all to hear - HIER KOMMT BACKFISCH! (or 'here comes the fried fish'). All stop to watch the fillets fly/slide down the metal corkscrew in the center of the stand...then gather to claim their food and eagerly dig in.

13 July 2009

Gilded Flora

Flora, goddess of flowers and spring, as a gilt fountain
Schloss Linderhof, Germany, July 2009

07 July 2009

Happiness is...

Mid-afternoon snack
Oberammergau, July 2009

01 July 2009


Last weekend we went to the Maximillian Ritterspiele (knight's games) in the beautiful village of Horb am Neckar. We've always been game for themed festivals and the Germans go all out.

What we tend to enjoy most about themed festivals is the lack of complete historic accuracy. While the concessionaire booths at this one looked the part, no portable trailers or stuffed animals in sight, there were still those little details that snuck through...and made us laugh.

Like authentic cotton candy...

Ancient methods of communication...

...and musicians who look like Flea gone medieval. I stood there waiting for him to break into Scar Tissue.