01 July 2009


Last weekend we went to the Maximillian Ritterspiele (knight's games) in the beautiful village of Horb am Neckar. We've always been game for themed festivals and the Germans go all out.

What we tend to enjoy most about themed festivals is the lack of complete historic accuracy. While the concessionaire booths at this one looked the part, no portable trailers or stuffed animals in sight, there were still those little details that snuck through...and made us laugh.

Like authentic cotton candy...

Ancient methods of communication...

...and musicians who look like Flea gone medieval. I stood there waiting for him to break into Scar Tissue.


  1. I was just thinking how lovely and authentic it all looked, like something out of Robin Hood, and then I got to the cotton candy, cell phone and RHCP comments!

  2. Medieval cotton candy is the best! :D We're hoping we stay in Maryland this summer long enough to catch the annual renfest here... it's a huge deal, and they do a great job.

  3. LOL!!! I do the same thing at Civil War re-enactments, nothing like a reb in Oakleys and texting on a blackberry..:-)

  4. Time travel is a tricky thing. ;)

    Your first few photos really made me long for Germany.

  5. Emm and Ed: it's a riot, isn't it?

    Connie: good luck in Maryland, hope the humidity isn't too bad this summer :)

    Kcinnova: Germany is pretty great, isn't it?

  6. Love the shot with the cell phone!


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