31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Schloss Ludwigsburg, October 2009

29 October 2009

Pumpkins galore

If you ask me, pumpkins epitomize fall. Their gorgeous autumnal colors. Their rich, earthy taste. They are brisk days and crisp blue skies in gourd form. I adore them.

This past weekend we ventured to the Pumpkin Festival at Schloss Ludwigburg. The festival isn't an homage to Halloween (as the Germans aren't as in to the holiday as we are). Rather it's more about the gourd itself. Emphasis is on artful displays (centered on the theme of children's stories) and food that falls under the category of 'everything is better with pumpkin'.

There are large pumpkins. The one in the center weighed over 800 pounds.

There are pumpkins to buy, mainly for eating. Aren't these 'black' pumpkins gorgeous?

And there is an abundance of pumpkin food. Like the pumpkin maultaschen. Maultaschen are a speciality from this region of Germany. It's pasta stuffed with a mixture of meat and spices, similar to ravioli. This one has the addition of pumpkin flesh in the stuffing and a pumpkin puree sauce. To die for.

27 October 2009


A bench with a view
October 2009

So...it's been over a month. I've been silent, but not absent.

A month ago I had much needed surgery on some faulty leg veins. Such surgery requires a decent recovery period of lying on the couch and walking, but no sitting or standing. And typing on a laptop that can't sit on my lap is a bit tough. The extent of my computer use is craning my neck to the side and reading until a crick sets in.

Anyway, I am getting back into the swing of things now. And I have been getting some fabulous photos from my frequent therapeutic walks. So enjoy the view and I will be back with more.