27 July 2010

A bit of promming, anyone?

Royal Albert Hall, London, July 2010

Whirlwind trip...all for a little boy who loves The Doctor.

23 July 2010

Love locks

Locks of love
Paris, June 2010

Keep your love under lock and key...especially in Paris.

On the Pont des Arts, the wooden pedestrian bridge  that transports one across the Seine to the Louvre, a simple padlock represents love and devotion.  Some plain, some engraved, strangely they seem an appropriate gesture in the city of love.  Unfortunately, not all think so.  There used to be thousands of locks on the bridge, but recently the vast majority disappeared.  It seems the powers that be in Paris think they are an eye-sore.  One can only conclude that these powers are the reason behind the disappearance.  However, some locks remain, further testament to the devotion they represent.  I wish that I would have had one with me to add to the collection.