21 August 2009

Faces in the woods

The Germans love their forests. Really. They have a true love of the outdoors and spend loads of time out enjoying it. You never know what you will see or find during a walk. I am constantly in awe of walking a mile or so into a forest and stumbling upon a restaurant or ice cream stand, accessible only by foot or bicycle.

Or even stumbling upon a sight like this. In one of the woods near us, there is a carver/artist in residence. His handiwork can be purchased to take home or you can simply enjoy the work that is permanently on display.

Like this snag.

At first look, you may not see much. But then the creatures and faces pop out as if greeting you, in this very German way, to their forest.

16 August 2009

Where are the cowboys...

Strolling Indian
Stuttgart, August 2009

...because I found the Indian.

Further proof of my theory that you always need a camera handy because you never know what you're going to see.

14 August 2009

Musical interlude, part 2

Band of many colors
Stuttgart, August 2009

We had some dear friends visiting this past weekend. During our requisite tour of the city we came across another band in the same location as the girls' quartet from a few weeks ago. I wanted to convert the photo to black and white, perhaps start a series featuring the same subject, but I couldn't...because check out the guy on the right. That outfit. That color. A man truly comfortable in his own skin.

07 August 2009


Impressionist painting or just a reflection?

Have a great weekend.

Update: Yes, the photo is a reflection...flipped upside-down. It's a pond in a nearby wood. The wind was creating just enough of a ripple on the surface to remind me of a Van Gogh.