20 July 2009

Musical interlude

Summer quartet captivating the crowd with Mozart
Stuttgart, July 2009

We happened upon this quartet on a trip into the city for a minor repair to Betsy (my camera...but then again I call my car Betsy as well...perhaps I should come up with another name). Dust on the sensor leads to photos with spots. A good cleaning and the purchase of a sensor cleaning kit...all is well.


  1. I have just added something to my to-do list: see life performances of composer's music in their homelands. Mozart was German wasn't he? I love that idea and I love your photo.

    :) Your story reminds me of an ad we used to have in South Africa. After introducing his dog and cat and possibly his goldfish, the little boy said, "I call everyone I love Redro".

  2. Glad to hear Betsy is better. Are you off now with betsy in Betsy to take pictures of Betsy?

  3. A lovely photo -- when my parents were in Europe a couple years ago they were so impressed with the musicians and ensembles they saw everywhere. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Emm - that's riot...I'm afraid I am like that boy, not very inventive when it comes to names for my inanimate possessions :)

    Mo - LOL!!!

    Cathy - you're welcome...I am a music nut and am completely enamored by the street musicians...and yes, they are everywhere.

  5. Very cool pic, a clean camera is a happy camera..:-)


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