29 June 2009

Don't drive on the palace grass

After living here almost two years we still hadn't been to Ludwigsburg...which is ridiculous considering how close it is to us. So on a recent bright, sunny day we piled in the car and headed off in search of the palace and it's beautiful gardens.

We laughed as we went to enter. Slightly out of historical sync, we found the grounds covered with a classic car show. Okay, sure, why not. It wasn't what we had hoped to see, but it was still a nice day out.

Of all the Mercedes on display (and there were a lot since this area is home of the iconic car), this was my favorite. It screams 'Dictator of a Small Country', doesn't it?

But my son said this should be my car. He thought I would look good in it. I agree. The kid's got taste.

25 June 2009

Rainy day activities

Who doesn't love a good optical illusion?

With all the rain we've been getting the past couple weeks, you would think we were still living in England. Who knew German summers could be so wet, especially in 'drier' Southern Germany. Good thing there are places like Sensapolis to help entertain rambunctious 5 year olds...and their parents.

19 June 2009

Things that make a cowgirl smile

Signs like this make me smile. This should also make my father and my blog friend, Linda, smile. Anyone for a Hereford steak and all the trimmings? Lecker!

12 June 2009


Radler (half beer, half fizzy lemonade) , a taste of German summer

Here's to a warm, sunny weekend.

05 June 2009

The second string

After a few days at Disneyland Paris, our son still had not had the opportunity to meet some of his favorite characters. While I remember characters wandering the park when I was a child (at least in California), it was not the case here. Character appearances in Paris were relegated to specific times and if you miss the window you are out of luck.

On the final day, leaving the parks without so much as a photo with the famous mouse, we decided to stop for dinner at Café Mickey in the Disney Village. We thought it was just a Disney-themed restaurant, a parting treat for our son, we had no idea that some of the characters joined you while dining.

So there we were, eating our meals, when Mickey appears out of the kitchen. Our son was beside himself...and I was thinking finally, he'll meet more of the big characters. Then out comes then Goofy, then Tigger, then Pluto and I'm still thinking JACKPOT! Granted we weren't sitting in the best location, but I still managed to get photos. I kept wondering who would appear next. Maybe we'd get lucky and have Woody or Buzz Lightyear.

And then came the second string.

'Who is that character?' my husband asks.

'Um...I know him...um,' scouring my cartoon memories for a name. 'Isn't he from Peter Pan?'

'Oh yeah, he's Captain Hook's toady, right?'

'Yeah, that's it...what's his name?' And only after several minutes did I remember it was Smee.

Smee was followed by Friar Tuck from Robin Hood, Geppetto from Pinocchio, and one of the cats from The Aristocats. Our son had never seen any of these movies. He's a connoisseur of the more recent Disney movies, primarily the fault of us, his parents, as we are not huge fans of the older movies. He was bewildered by these strange characters that seemed to also be the ones that made sure they said hello to the people in the cheap seats...like us. The photo I have of him and Geppetto is priceless. He has a true look of who the heck are you and why do you have your arm around me on his face. But hey, one day he'll finally see those characters on TV and think I've met them.

Café Mickey. A fun place to eat at Disneyland Paris, especially if you want to meet Mickey and friends...even the ones whose name you can't remember.