29 June 2009

Don't drive on the palace grass

After living here almost two years we still hadn't been to Ludwigsburg...which is ridiculous considering how close it is to us. So on a recent bright, sunny day we piled in the car and headed off in search of the palace and it's beautiful gardens.

We laughed as we went to enter. Slightly out of historical sync, we found the grounds covered with a classic car show. Okay, sure, why not. It wasn't what we had hoped to see, but it was still a nice day out.

Of all the Mercedes on display (and there were a lot since this area is home of the iconic car), this was my favorite. It screams 'Dictator of a Small Country', doesn't it?

But my son said this should be my car. He thought I would look good in it. I agree. The kid's got taste.


  1. Yes - he's definitely got good taste in cars!

  2. Totally the "dictator of a small country" kinda car!

  3. Gosh! Can't believe you've been left Blighty for almost two years. Times flies!!

    That is one cool car!

  4. Oh. My. Word. On both cars! Yes, that little red number suits you, I think. :) But I could be projecting... I sure wouldn't mind taking a spin in it!

  5. Amanda: it's crazy to think we've been away from Blighty that long...I do miss it.

    AuthorMom: well, yes, I would like to think it suits me...although I would fear the number of speeding tickets I would receive :)


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