05 June 2009

The second string

After a few days at Disneyland Paris, our son still had not had the opportunity to meet some of his favorite characters. While I remember characters wandering the park when I was a child (at least in California), it was not the case here. Character appearances in Paris were relegated to specific times and if you miss the window you are out of luck.

On the final day, leaving the parks without so much as a photo with the famous mouse, we decided to stop for dinner at Café Mickey in the Disney Village. We thought it was just a Disney-themed restaurant, a parting treat for our son, we had no idea that some of the characters joined you while dining.

So there we were, eating our meals, when Mickey appears out of the kitchen. Our son was beside himself...and I was thinking finally, he'll meet more of the big characters. Then out comes then Goofy, then Tigger, then Pluto and I'm still thinking JACKPOT! Granted we weren't sitting in the best location, but I still managed to get photos. I kept wondering who would appear next. Maybe we'd get lucky and have Woody or Buzz Lightyear.

And then came the second string.

'Who is that character?' my husband asks.

'Um...I know him...um,' scouring my cartoon memories for a name. 'Isn't he from Peter Pan?'

'Oh yeah, he's Captain Hook's toady, right?'

'Yeah, that's it...what's his name?' And only after several minutes did I remember it was Smee.

Smee was followed by Friar Tuck from Robin Hood, Geppetto from Pinocchio, and one of the cats from The Aristocats. Our son had never seen any of these movies. He's a connoisseur of the more recent Disney movies, primarily the fault of us, his parents, as we are not huge fans of the older movies. He was bewildered by these strange characters that seemed to also be the ones that made sure they said hello to the people in the cheap seats...like us. The photo I have of him and Geppetto is priceless. He has a true look of who the heck are you and why do you have your arm around me on his face. But hey, one day he'll finally see those characters on TV and think I've met them.

Café Mickey. A fun place to eat at Disneyland Paris, especially if you want to meet Mickey and friends...even the ones whose name you can't remember.


  1. Aaaah, that is cool that he finally got to meet some of the characters! My dad still speaks fondly of the best moment of his life when he went to Disneyland and met Mickey. I think my dad was about 55 then but still... you can be young forever in the world of Disney.

  2. Oh these are memories sure to last a long, long time. I still remember having breakfast or lunch and the characters coming up to my table, much like your photo. Such a wonderful time.

  3. I too remember characters walking the park in Florida. The cafe sounds like a blast though I would of been hard pressed to recognize the "second string"
    you were right it was a sunset!!

  4. Emm: it's true...Disney brings out the kid in all of us...

    Suzanne: our little boy had a hard time eating his meal, he was so enthralled...

    OneCowgirl: I had to look up some of the 'second string' character names when I got home :)

  5. I love Disneyland Paris. I like going in the run up to Christmas when all the lights are up. Disney definitely brings out the kid in all of us and those who don't let it should let go a little.

    We went to the cafe for breakfast. Eldest loved meeting the characters but there are a few pics where he looks a bit unsure. Smallest was petrified and screamed every time they came anywhere near.


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