28 May 2009

Like they're rock stars

I think one of the best things about the Disney experience is the chance for kids to meet their idols. Just watching our son's face light up as he saw his favorite characters in person was priceless. And even though he knows they aren't real...you can still tell there is part of his mind that says they are.

But tell me, is it wrong for his mother to be equally excited to see these stars? I think I actually shouted 'look, it's Buzz Lightyear!' louder than the children standing around me.


  1. How funny! Disney makes me like that too... Especially at Christmas when everything is cold (at the Paris one that is).

  2. Had the same experience with Ryan when he saw Lightening McQueen @ California Adventure this year. He loves McQueen and you can tell from the expression on his face in the pictures. He did ask why McQueen couldn't talk though.....

  3. To Infinity and Beyond!
    Buzz would induce the EXACT SAME REACTION FROM ME! So if there is something wrong with you, then there is something wrong with me... hmmm.


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