13 May 2009

Picnic crasher

Curious squirrel
Hyde Park, London, September 2007

Our friends are heading to London on vacation. Since we have spent considerable time in the city, they asked for tips and advice. I told them the one thing I tell all people - if the weather is good, take a picnic to Hyde Park.

I love picnicing in Hyde Park. You can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the truly British art of soaking up any sunshine that sees fit to cut through the clouds. We would grab sandwiches and go find a place to sit in the quiet. However, you never know who may crash your little party...like this curious squirrel who joined my son and I on one such outing. He was not shy and, by the looks of him, very well fed. He would've crawled up on my lap if I would have let him. But my boy told him in no uncertain terms we weren't sharing and he soon scampered off to find another picnic to crash.


  1. That is a stunning shot! I ♥ squirrels.

  2. Wow, the squirrels on this side of the ocean are much more timid :)


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