16 February 2010

Of love...and fishing

Raspberry-Apple Crumble
Our Valentine's dessert

I show love for my husband and son through food. For Valentine's Day, I always make them a special meal. It's just one of the ways to their hearts. I know I can't go wrong.

The first Valentine my husband gave me, while he was still just 'the boyfriend', included a bag of Kona coffee. I knew then I had to marry that man.

But in the realm of all time favorite Valentine gifts, my parents still hold one of the top spots. Every so often we would sit down to Valentine's dinner and there at our place would be our fishing license for the year. Few things said love like that. With the ranch keeping everyone constantly busy, the acknowledgment of a bit of fishing was like giving the gift of love and time, all wrapped into one. It was a real treat...just so long as you could stand the wait until the season actually started.


Completely unrelated note: Watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, I had a complete sense of déjà vu when k.d. lang got on stage. How could it be twenty-two years since I heard her sing for the first time while watching the Olympic games in Calgary? I can remember buying her album, Absolute Torch and Twang, because of it. That cassette rode around in my pickup for ages.

Music from my iPod... Big Boned Gal by k.d. lang