31 July 2009

One sweet ride

I couldn't rightfully post pictures of the Mercedes Benz Museum without also posting a photo of a car. So here it is...


Yes, the original Pope Mobile resides at the museum. Built in 1980 to shield Pope John Paul II from the elements on a tour of Germany, it had a top speed of 81mph. The following year it was modified with bulletproof glazing after an attempt was made on the Pope's life.

Can you only imagine cruising the autobahn in that thing?

Side note: The Pope Mobile is part of a celebrity exhibit. See the small red coupe next to the papal car? That was Princess Diana's car.


  1. Might have suited Michael Jackson. What do you think.

  2. Fascinating stuff! Love the Pope Mobile and was also fascinated by Princess Di's car...

  3. The Pope Mobile is quite funny, displaying the Pope for all to see. It would be fun riding it.

  4. Doesn't look terribly aerodynamic for the autobahn.

  5. Oh, well - I'll stick with our VW and Opel... :-)

    But then I'm not a Pope. :-)


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