21 August 2009

Faces in the woods

The Germans love their forests. Really. They have a true love of the outdoors and spend loads of time out enjoying it. You never know what you will see or find during a walk. I am constantly in awe of walking a mile or so into a forest and stumbling upon a restaurant or ice cream stand, accessible only by foot or bicycle.

Or even stumbling upon a sight like this. In one of the woods near us, there is a carver/artist in residence. His handiwork can be purchased to take home or you can simply enjoy the work that is permanently on display.

Like this snag.

At first look, you may not see much. But then the creatures and faces pop out as if greeting you, in this very German way, to their forest.


  1. How marvellous! What a magical walk in the woods it must be with all these surprises! Love it...

  2. How very lovely. It's always wonderful when something "pops" out at you to reward you for your looking!

    Thanks for your comment today!

  3. I really enjoy "stump carving". It must be wonderful to happen across such nice works of art while just wandering around.

  4. Very nice. But I know I would think it was kind of creepy if it "popped" out at me unexpectedly!!!! Trying to stay more connected!

  5. Fantastic! And I just heard a story on NPR about artists carving trees in California that had been killed by wildfires -- I think. What a wonderful way to reuse and recycle and bring art to every corner possible.

  6. I love the sad face - this is all quite amazing, especially in the middle of nowhere. Fancy stumbling on that - great photos.

  7. They are a lovely surprise. I am constantly stumbling upon these type of oddities here.

    Cynthia: I'm doing well. It's been a long, strange year...but all is well. Hope all is well with you!


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