22 January 2010


A serious burger - the result of my inaugural run

So I mentioned that one of my Christmas gifts was the meat grinder attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer. I had been pining over it forever, but finally made my desire known to my husband this past year by stating, 'seriously, all I want for Christmas is that grinder.' He got the hint. Now I can make wonderfully coarse-ground hamburgers like one of our favorite haunts here in Stuttgart, the Block House.


  1. Oh yummy! I must seriously get a proper hamburger making thingey. At the moment, I simply mash together minced beef and kidney beans into big balls with my hands.

  2. I know two little girls who would love you so much if you came to Scotland cooked for them. Apparently spiced baked ham is yucky - did Gordon Ramsey's recipe - yummy. Robert who doesn't like ham normarily had seconds on top of a large portion.


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