13 January 2010

Sludge...and tall winter boots weather

Frozen Katzenbachsee
January 2010

Some have asked how hard we were hit with the storm that moved through Europe. Answer - we were hit, but not as severely as originally predicted. Don't get me wrong, we got plenty of snow and it isn't leaving anytime soon (the picture above is from earlier this month, so it doesn't reflect current conditions). I guess I would call this 'tall winter boots with jeans tucked into them' weather.

Walking to and from school has become a test of seeing how much sludge you can avoid. Sludge is a technical term that my son and I came up with. It refers to the nasty, brownish-grey snow slush that develops near and around road crossings and other high traffic areas. Some days we do better than others, but this morning was particularly sludgey on the walk home and my boots look as if I bathed them in a salt bath. Oh well, the joys of winter.

Note: I was also asked whether or not I managed to snap a few pics of the snowflakes. No sooner had I mentioned the lovely, perfectly shaped flakes, than the snow changed to small microscopic dots...which resulted in the blanketing that we received. But I promise, when the other type of snowflakes return I will do my darnedest to get a pic!


  1. Too cold for sludge here, yet. I hope it last a bit longer the way you have shown above.

  2. I love the lines in this picture

  3. Wow, what a beautiful photo - lovely composition.

    Yes, I remember sludge - it's going to rain for 3 days in Vegas and everyone is upset.

  4. That is a breath-taking image.

  5. Thanks, I couldn't resist the photo...the colors were unreal.

  6. Ha! We were super lucky. For the first time I remember, we went from blanketed snow to nothing as rain came and washed it away. I was very pleased with that!


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