04 January 2010

Back to reality

A snowy view
January 2010

While we didn't have a picture-perfect white Christmas, the snowy weather has come back to remind us that winter is only beginning. Today is a not-so-balmy -3°C/26°F with flurries.

Yesterday my good friend asked if I was ready to get back to reality. With school starting again today and my husband returning to work, the chaos of the holidays has officially come to an end. The reality of everyday life has returned and that is fine with me. Holidays are out, normal is back.

We spent the better part of the weekend taking Christmas out of the house. Don't get me wrong, I do love having a beautifully decorated holiday season, but once the calendar turns to January 2, I'm done. No sentimentality here, when the holidays are over it's time for things to look normal again. And today, to finally put it all to rest, I am transforming the last of our New Year's ham into a pot of beans for dinner. C'est fini.


  1. I need to adopt your 'back to reality' attitude. I WILL adopt your 'back to reality' attitude.

  2. It was back to reality here too.........except maybe for the food that ended up on my hips.......that always takes a bit longer to put away. Happy New Year!!

  3. Or you could leave everything up all year round... I guess holidays are over and winter has begun. It'll be spring before you know it.


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