09 September 2009


Cobblestones in the woods near Stuttgart
August 2009

Autumn is coming. The mornings are cold. The air is crisp. My little boy started school. To me, autumn feels like New Year's. Everything starts over again...at least in the world we live in.

I took a walk in the woods this morning to clear my head. Amazing what a little fresh air can do...and some selected music on an iPod. I think better when I'm out walking on my own. I can get a grasp on things. I can get all my ducks in the proverbial row. And now I'm ready. Come on, autumn, show your colors. I'm ready.

Music from my iPod... The Show by Lenka


  1. I love the angle and the depth of field!!

  2. What a fantastic photo! It is still summery here.. but I do look forward to seeing autumn soon.

  3. That is an amazing photo. I love it.

  4. Strong and sound basis for a walk. Photo is markedly well done.

  5. Cobblestones in the woods? Great, unusual photo. When I was a kid, it was back to school in September - bummer. But now I live in eternal summer - OK, it gets slightly chilly in December. To me, September is the start of a new year.

  6. I enjoyed that photo - getting very low like that gave the stones a very nice presence and highlighted the yellowing grass very well.

    PS Thank you for the nice comments!

  7. I like that you have two new starts a year, January and August! In South Africa, the school year starts in January but then we do have spring in September which can also be a new beginning, I guess.

    What were you listening to on your iPod then?


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