11 April 2010

All things western

I'm not sure why, but Germans seem to have an obsession with the culture of our American west.  Since we've moved here I've seen more allusions to the wild west and cowboys than in most parts of the United States.

Case in point...the above photo is my snack from last night's trip to the movies.  'Film Stars Little Sour Sticks'...with the said stick dressed in wild west garb.  Yes, it made me smile.

Fitting that I also heard Texas Lightning on the radio the day before.  A German country music band (recently split up), it doesn't get any better than that.

Related note:  Those are 3D glasses in the photo.  I  got to see 'Alice in Wonderland' last night...my first 3D movie experience.  Really enjoyable, despite moments of nausea as my eyes were trying to adjust.

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