03 March 2010

Almost spring...

...although you wouldn't know it by the below-freezing temperatures this morning.

I've been quiet again. February was a bit hectic. I got to go through a battery of tests for my ear/sinus problems, including them taking pretty pictures of the inside of my head. Of course, those pretty pictures were about the only ones taken during the month. My poor camera thinks I don't love it anymore.

But February was also a good month, as it always is for us...

...because of things like this...

Angel food cake lovingly made by my husband and son for my birthday

...and this...

Putting the finishing touches on our son's birthday cake

Music from my iPod...Galway Girl by Steve Earle & Sharon Shannon


  1. My camera is convinced I don't love it ...I dropped it whilst on a walk trying to get on the top of large hill to look down Loch Gare and Faslane. Yep there was a certain thing in which was of interest to us. He drove out today too!!!! But back to camera I have circuit boards showing so not good and I can't find my old 35mm. May just have to buy a new digi 35mm. xxx from the girls and me

  2. forgot to say awesome darlek cake - of course it should have been glowing green icing that they were on so wonderfully full of enumbers! And apologies for delay in your birthday box. Sent an email explaining. Much love to you all.
    Rachel xxx


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